Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Bear Lake: Holidays 2010

Nothing is safe from the teething monster.

So happy in his bath robe.

Nana Lori having a happy holiday!

The wood gatherers.

Cards, Christmas baking, and Santa hats! Left to Right: Great Grandma Isy, Mama Jen, Nana Lori, Auntie Nikki, Auntie Katie, Great Grandpa Gavin.

Jen and Nikki's beautiful gingerbread house that is still in the freezer? Did this get eaten?

Super ultra mega high flying jumper Oli!

Auntie Katie finally home from Scotland enjoying her first Christmas at LBL in 5 years.

Oliver doing his Maggie in her starfish snowsuit impression.

Cool dude.


Venturing around on the lake!

All credit for this awesome picture goes to Auntie Katie.

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