Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neighborhood Insanity

Yesterday evening, I was sitting outside reading a Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore and smoking a casual cigarette, and suddenly, there are two police cars pulling up.   The cops exit their vehicles, and start circling one of the houses across the street.  While I am watching the police officers walk around the back of the house, I see a young man dressed in a black hoodie, jeans and no shoes getting out of the second floor window, and stand on the roof.  Then he jumped down, and sauntered into the back of the house, while the officers were presumably in the house looking for him.  While I was waiting for the police to notice that he was in the back, they leave the house and start walking back to their vehicles.  So, being the good citizen that I am, and having a healthy concern with the welfare of our neighborhood, but being unsure of what to do, I wake the napping Reed and ask him if I should go and tell them.  He says "Fuck yes."  So I walked over to the cops, flag one over, and tell them about the guy who exited the house from the uncomfortably small and high window. Drama ensues... I go back into our house, and here the police sceaming "Get on the ground! Hands behind your back!"  It was awesome.  Side note being that we are currently half way into the second season of The Wire, so I am slightly paranoid that the people who live there are going to get back at me in some nasty way.  They probably won't.  Still a little paranoid.  I still feel a little bad ass. This being a tribute to how boring my life is lately.