Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last belly picture?

Here we are five days away from our due date.  Everyone is asking if I am excited, and if I'm getting nervous.  To answer, yes. I am terrified.  The pregnancy hormones are doing something fun though.  I can't freak out! I know I am scared, but I'm just so excited to not be pregnant anymore, and to meet this little person, that labour doesn't seem so scary.  We are all packed for the hospital now.  Finally found some Mad Libs, and I am fully planning on bringing my i-pod and computer.  I have my Kevin Smith book, and a spray bottle (which will be used to spray my face with ice water when I get too hot).  I think we have everything.  We packed all this stuff, and then I realized how silly it is.  This being because we live maybe four blocks from the hospital.  I could send Reed home to get something and he would probably be back within two minutes, maybe five if he was walking.  We are also compiling a phone number list for everyone who wants a call after baby.  If there is anyone who follows our blog, and wants a call, just let us know.

 I thought this one was funny! I had a cat hair stuck on my lip.  Like the kind of hair that's glued to your lip gloss.  Obviously, I love having hair on, or in my mouth.  If you look to the left side of the picture, you will notice my hand poised in my little-girl-flapping-hands around pose.  My Mom must be so happy that I never grew out of that.


  1. Haha that is terribly awesome!!!

  2. I laughed my ASS of at the cat-hair on lip picture. Well done!