Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uncomfortable While Walking.

Alright, so i had to go for a walk this morning to avoid leg cramps.  While rounding my block I encountered a man walking in the opposite direction of me.  He stared freely at me breasts without casting his eyes downwards for even a second to realize that I am fully pregnant.  Why?  How is this possible?  And if he did notice that I am pregnant, and kept staring, how upset should I be about this encounter?  I should start stuffing my ample chest into a too-tight sports bra to avoid these things.  I believe it might solve a few strange, chest related problems I have been having lately.  On the other hand, might also prevent me from breathing properly.... Oh, choices, choices.  A thought just occurred to me as well.  What am I going to look like after the baby comes?  Who needs breast implants? Not this cat.


  1. You'll look like a proud Mom! Ample breasts in tow, haha! Miss you guys. I hope everything is going A-OK!

  2. Maybe he was focussing on your boobs to keep from focussing on your tummy. Or maybe he's the weirdo stared at me that way years ago and I'm a nearly-no-chest. Turns out he wasn't interested in me at all. He stole Reed's bike.

  3. Oh Lori, that's hilarious. I checked, my bike is still there! Ha ha. I also hope that he was trying to distract himself from the tummy. And...everything is going awesome Marie! Haven't seen you in so long lady, you should come over some time. We could have tea, or I could sniff a beer and you could drink one. I know sniffing a beer doesn't sound fun, but I get some weird level of enjoyment out of it!